The Trust Archive

The head of Father Ignatius’ crozier


Father Ignatius’ napkin ring



With the foundation of the Trust an appeal went out for documents and artefacts connected with Fr Ignatius and his community, and an impressive collection was assembled at the Monastery.  Some of the archive photographs can be seen in the video on the Monastery page. In addition to letters, books and photographs the collection included items varying in size from a monastic bedspread (red with a white cross, complete with scriptural text) down to a fork from the refectory and Ignatius’ personal napkin ring, and over the years has been augmented by many new acquisitions.

Since 1993 the archive has been housed under proper conservation conditions at the Abergavenny Museum (, whose curator is a member of the Trust.  From time to time individual items are placed on public display; at the discretion of the Museum authorities visiting researchers may be given access to those in storage. Further information and photographs of some of the archive items can be found at


A collection of articles of interest and past issues of the Trust Newsletter can be found on the Documents page.